The 3D Magnetic Scanner performs fast, high-resolution mapping of the magnetic field around an electromagnet or permanent magnet. All three components of the magnetic field (Bx, By, Bz) are measured simultaneously at virtually the same point. It also allows the measurement of the magnetic angle, the peak and zero value detection of magnetic encoders, and the number of magnetic poles.

Get real-time magnetic field mapping and visualization. With Magview, various hard and soft magnetic materials can be structurally examined, such as permanent magnets and other magnetic objects.The special optical sensors measure and graphically represent the magnetic field. Magview can be combined with other testing instrumentation to improve quality control.

Infrared and thermal methods for nondestructive tests are used to control the temperature fields of objects (electrical, mechanical and magnetic equipment). The Thermal Imaging Infrared Camera is mainly used to detect the thermal behavior of heated devices, such as electrical and magnetic systems. It is also used to reveal the alterations due to the presence of some types of anomalies. Laboratorio Elettrofisico performs temperature tests on all the magnetizing fixtures, to detect the temperature and eventual overheating.

Laboratorio Elettrofisico’s engineers use dedicated instrumentation and software to measure the electromagnetic field emitted by machines and magnetizing coils. Particular care is given to limit the field level and the human exposure for personnel operating with Laboratorio Elettrofisico systems. Steps are also taken to avoid any interference between magnetic field and other electrical apparatus. The control is always performed on our systems and as a service upon request for other magnetizing devices.

Achieve precise dimensional measurements with the Vision Measuring Microscope. An optical system, its high accuracy allows micrometrical control on small and critical parts of electrical circuits and magnetizing fixtures. The contactless measure prevents any stress or damage on delicate parts. The details reachable with this machine permit a very deep view of final parts and to detect defects not visible with normal visual control.

The 4-channel Oscilloscope can automatically monitor source signals and output pass or fail results by judging whether the input waveform is within predefined boundaries. Using multiple instruments to captured and analyze, the test provides real-time sampling on all channels. The test reduces engineering time spent during the research, development, and failure analysis processes.

Take advantage of our expert testing capabilities.