Since 1959 the mission of Laboratorio Elettrofisico is to provide exceptional magnetic solutions and services. To meet the needs of the customers, the company has expanded into new industries and markets, introduced new capabilities, invested in the latest technology and new service. This year Laboratorio Elettrofisico is proud to celebrate the 60th anniversary.


Laboratorio Elettrofisico opens a new Magnetics Support Office in Shanghai, with sales services and warehouse. The office’s Shanghai location is key to providing an entirely new level of accessibility to magnetics service. The new facility will provide dedicated support to customers in China, with a technical staff of LE trained engineers. The office also makes available spare parts and demo equipment.


Laboratorio Elettrofisico announces the opening of a fully equipped lab for measuring and magnetizing next door to Silicon Valley in Gilroy, California.


New locations of Laboratorio Elettrofisico open in China, with a sales and technical service office in Beijing and an office and warehouse in Shanghai.


A completely redesigned Automatic Measuring Hysteresisgraph (AMH) equipment series is launched featuring Ethernet connection, user-friendly software interface, and remote service assistance. It is the widest range of magnetic measuring equipment in the market.


Founded in 1959, Laboratorio Elettrofisico marks their 50th anniversary in the magnetic industry.


Laboratorio Elettrofisico starts a new era with more investment in technology. The Board of Directors, Dario Zanon, Brian Palakow, and Bruno Arosio are able to realize their company vision of establishing a physical presence in the United States. The acquisition of Walker LDJ Scientific is completed with the support of TANK Sgr. and with the aid of the expertise of the technical team: Andrea del Prete, Maurizio Bertoldo, and Stefano Tizianel, who continue to contribute in directing key positions in the LE organization today. This acquisition adds more than 100 years of technical and engineering expertise, combining a complete line of high quality magnetic instrumentation.


By improving the sales and support organization worldwide, Laboratorio Elettrofisico becomes a key player in the magnetics industry and a partner for large companies like Siemens, Alstom, Thyssen, Ford, GM, and other companies dealing with many kinds of magnetic applications. The entry of a new partner to our company, Bruno Arosio, with his financial and corporate expertise, LE becomes an international company ready to sustain a growth worldwide.


LE USA, a Laboratorio Elettrofisico subsidiary, opens a sales and service office in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on the East Coast of the United States. With the foresight of Dario Zanon and Brian Palakow, the future VP. LE continues to look beyond to other markets and targets markets in Asia, where the magnets industry was moving very fast in rare earth magnetic materials production. In Taiwan and Shanghai LE proposes agreements that represent the business base for the future LE China, few years later.


The company structure is expanded as new professional staff are added to Laboratorio Elettrofisico. New staff includes Sergio’s son, Dario Zanon, and the very first LE Physics Phd, Alessandro Tassi. By attending European shows and technical seminars, Laboratorio Elettrofisico is noticed and chosen as a valuable partner of key European customers, who start to use the LE technology in magnetizing solutions in their companies.


LE adds to their employee base new generation engineers to cover the increasing demand of changing technology. Among those, Enzo Marazzini and Eugenio Stefanotti who are responsible for creating the very first electronic charging boards to be used in fast capacitors charging magnetizers. They will continue to be part of the LE team for many years.


Laboratorio Elettrofisico designs in Italy, the first and complete magnetic measuring system for Magneti Marelli. This is the beginning of a long-term experience that results in pioneering magnetic systems and innovating technologies.


In the beginning Laboratorio Elettrofisico was strictly connected to the needs of the Italian market. In 1959, there were no companies in Italy that designed magnetic systems. At the time the main Italian center of PM production (CMP, Centro Magneti Permanenti) had the needs to measure the magnetic properties of materials. Sergio Zanon and his associates founded Laboratorio Elettrofisico, with the mission to manufacture the world’s most precise magnetizing equipment and magnetic measurement equipment.

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Soft magnetic measuring equipment
Old Gauss Laboratorio Elettrofisico


ISO 9001

Since 1999, Laboratorio Elettrofisico products have been built in compliance with the ISO 9001 standards.

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