Dario ZanonCEO LE Group

    Dario Zanon was born into Laboratorio Elettrofisico. His father, the founder of LE, had him assembling and wiring small power components after he left high school, which was in 1989. His only skill at that time was his facility with the English language, encouraged by his family, who left him alone in the UK for two months, with a family in Cornwall.

    He started by exhibiting at LE’s first Trade show, over the Alps in Hannover in 1994. At that time LE was well known only in Italy.

    He took over the leadership of the company in 2004, when his father resigned. Dario’s mission was to make LE a global company and a recognized leader in the magnetics industry.

    Actually, after English, his second recognized skill has become what he has always focused on: to create a motivated team of people. A solid basis is the key to growth, adding one stage at a time.

    Presently he is the CEO of Laboratorio Elettrofisico.

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