Precision measurement of feebly magnetic materials

Austenitic stainless steel | Non-magnetic brass

Laboratorio Elettrofisico Permeameter for feebly magnetic materials: Model PFMM

PFMM Permeameter

PFMM Permeameter

The Permeameter for feebly magnetic materials (model PFMM) verifies that a non-magnetic material, such as austenitic stainless steel, is actually non-magnetic. The permeameter quantifies the magnetic weakness of the material by measuring its magnetization curve, relative permeability and susceptibility.

When a non-magnetic material is used in an application where interaction with magnetic fields must be very low, the control of its magnetization and permeability is fundamental.

Common application examples:

  • Turbo generators
  • NMR instrumentation
  • Ionic devices
  • Electron beam devices
  • Precision weights

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  • Heavy duty cabinet containing the DC power supply and fluxmeter
  • Solenoid with positioning tool for samples
  • Compensated measuring coil
  • PC with dedicated software + printer
  • Unrivaled ease of use, our proprietary software provides seamless management of the measuring system.

Measurements are taken in compliance with ASTM 342 and IEC 60404-15 standards.

PFMM Permeameter


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