Connecting Magnetism to Industry 4.0
Custom Magnetizing Stations for Production Lines
For 60 years, we design Magnetizing Systems for Automotive applications
We’re much closer than you think: your car steering may have been magnetized by our equipment
Everything starts from Electromagnetic Calculations
We do Magnetic Design Optimization: a host of analysis are performed before an optimal solution is locked on, these include numerical FEA for electromagnetic, thermal and stress and vibration analysis.



Powerful and innovative magnetizers, magnetizing fixtures, and magnetizing stations, seamlessly integrated into a production line.


Characterization of magnetic materials and quality control systems customized for you, in accompliance with all International Standards.


To serve the automotive industry, currently the company is manufacturing a 4th generation of magnetizing station, with a handling system and two levels of magnetic quality control.

Over the years, our constant commitment to research and development has been enriched by our unique experience in the design, implementation, and application of magnetic solutions that are efficient and effective. The result is a complete range of equipment and automation systems that are widely used around the world today.


In the boxes you can find some magnetic applications in which we have worked and completed successful projects.
Permanent magnets are everywhere nowdays, from consumer electronics to automotive industry. They are used in wind generators as well as lifters motors.

We currently serve more than more 2,000 clients around the world. Laboratorio Elettrofisico’s magnetizing and magnetic measurements systems are trusted by the world’s leading companies in industries ranging from automotive and consumer electronics to medical equipment and renewable energy. Our products provide industry-leading solutions for every magnetic technology application.



Laboratorio Elettrofisico new article on Magnetics Business & Technology magazine: "New Innovations in Magnetizing Stations and Magnetic Measurement".

[...] In conclusion, we are available to evaluate all specs, especially the most challenging and demanding ones, and customer satisfaction is our first priority. We never say “this is not feasible”, we always make it possible.

Original published on Magnetics Business & Technology Magazine, 30 April, 2021

Laboratorio Elettrofisico is present at the leading magnetics events worldwide.

Laboratorio Elettrofisico is present at the leading magnetics events worldwide.

We will attend the virtual Electric Motor Talks, World Magnetic Conference (WMC), by Coiltech Deutschland, on 23th June 2021, with the speech: "PM rotors in situ magnetization for Powertrain motors".

Discover Online and Offline Control of Magnetized Rotors

Discover Online and Offline Control of Magnetized Rotors

The magnetic quality of magnetized rotors can be controlled from different points of view. During production, we go towards configurations where, in a single solution, the product is magnetized and then immediately controlled not only by the conventional total flux but also through a complete magnetic scansion. In this way, the rotors can be 100% controlled without any delay on the production capability.

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