Connecting Magnetism to Industry
Custom Magnetizing Stations for Production Lines
For 60 years, we design Magnetizing Systems for Automotive applications
We’re much closer than you think: your car steering may have been magnetized by our equipment
Magnetizing stations for e-Mobility
Magnetic solutions for rotors and stators of electric motor
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Magnetizing stations

To serve the automotive industry, currently the company is manufacturing a 4th generation of magnetizing station, with a handling system and two levels of magnetic quality control.

Measuring systems for all magnetic materials

Characterization of magnetic materials and quality control systems customized for you, in accompliance with all International Standards:

  • Hard magnetic materials, Soft magnetic materials, Cemented carbides, Feebly austenitic steels
  • Magnetic scanner for the quality control of the magnetization in mass production line.

Magnetizing systems for industry 4.0

Powerful and innovative magnetizers, magnetizing fixtures, and magnetizing stations, seamlessly integrated into a production line.
Axial multipolar magnetization, Halbach, Interior & Exterior radial, Step skewed and all magnetic configurations.

Magnetic applications

Magnets are everywhere, from consumer electronics to automotive industry. They are used in wind generators as well as lifters motors. We currently serve more than more 2,000 clients around the world in industries ranging from automotive and consumer electronics to medical equipment and renewable energy. Our products provide industry-leading solutions for every magnetics technology application.