Magnetizing fixtures for a wide array of industrial magnetic applications.

Bitter/Wound Axial Magnetization
Key benefits:
excellent heat dissipation, better strength resistance, constructed without epoxy for a longer life span.
Applications: wide pulse width, suitable for 2-pole DC PM motors, demagnetization oscillation settings

SAT Multipolar
Applications: complicated step skewed geometries, high performances low torque ripple PMSM, very small inductors and sensors.
Key benefits: high saturation level on magnet edges, low insulation required.

Halbach Magnetization
Applications: Halbach magnetization, negligible THD, small pole pitch, sensor disks.
Key benefits: low peak time, Halbach magnetization, high voltage.

Multipolar Magnetization Fixture for sensor disks
Applications: high pole patterns axially or radially, even obliquely oriented, single trace sensor disks, double trace sensor disk, regularly spaced sensor disks, irregular spaced sensor disks.

Interior Radial Multipolar
Applications: this fixture is suitable for the magnetization of stators or multipolar flywheels.
Key benefits: change the cross-section and number of conductors from project to project; minimal space needed for winding heads with our winding technology; the slots can be built with any type of skewing: step skewed, continuous skewed, zigzag.

Exterior Radial Multipolar
Applications: a wide range of surface-mounted devices or spoke PM inductors (rotors or stators) and sensors.
Key benefits: the conductors on the device can be positioned to generate a magnetic field in a desired pattern; plenty of space for cooling and insulation material; sense coil embedded in the core.

Axial Multipolar Magnetization for Powertrain
Applications: mass production axial flux rotors.
Key benefits: single shot magnetization, high efficiency.

T-Mag Technology: innovative fixture for Axial Multipolar magnetization
Applications: unusual polarity configurations: odd polarities on magnet surfaces, watches, encoders.
Key benefits: small pole pitch magnets, low voltage, low peak time.

Our proven methodology for the design of our magnetizing fixtures

The LE project process: from initial design to validating the prototype fixture.


    Our entire design process begins with your application. We take the time to understand your needs in order to craft the right equipment.


    FEA offers a predictive process superior to trial and error, prototyping to obtain the highest magnetic performance.


    Our highly specialized experts design from the ground up. Each fixture is custom engineered to meet the exacting demands of your application.


    Then we put it to the test. The design must withstand the strength of the magnetic field as well as intense levels of heat and energy.


    In the final step, the prototype fixture is validated using magnetized samples to ensure its performance.

Magnetizers provide the right amount of energy to produce the desired current into the magnetizing fixture. See our line of magnetizers.

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