With the right equipment, measure any hard magnetic material with precision and speed.

Hysteresisgraph BH-tracer

AMH-500 Hysteresisgraph is a DC automatic measuring system for characterization of hard magnetic materials.

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Helmholtz coil + Fluxmeter


LE’s digital fluxmeter utilizes sense coil technology to measure average flux density and total flux.

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3-Axis Helmholtz Coil


Helmholtz coils provide an easy and non-destructive way to control the quality of permanent magnets.

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Common Applications for Hard Magnetic Materials

Starter motors, Anti-lock braking systems (ABS), Motor drives for wipers, Injection pumps, Fans and controls for windows, seats etc, Loudspeakers, Eddy current brakes, Alternators.

DC motors for magnetic tools, Robotics, Magnetic separators for extracting metals and ores, Magnetic bearings, Servo-motor drives, Lifting apparatus, Brakes and clutches, Meters and measuring equipment.

Consumer Electronics
DC motors for showers, Washing machines, Drills, Low voltage DC drives for cordless appliances, Loudspeakers for TV and Audio, TV beam correction and focusing device, Compact-disc drives, Home computers, Video Recorders, Clocks.

Electronic & Instrumentation
Sensors, Contactless switches, NMR spectrometer, Energy meter disc, Electro-mechanical transducers, Crossed field tubes, Flux-transfer trip device, Dampers.

Loudspeakers, Microphones, Telephone ringers, Electro-acoustic pick-ups, Switches and relays.

Astro & Aerospace
Frictionless bearings, Stepping motors, Couplings, Instrumentation, Traveling wave tubes, Auto-compass.

Dentures, Orthodontics, Orthopedics, Wound closures, Stomach seals, Repulsion collars, Ferromagnetic probes, Cancer cell separators, Magnetomotive artificial hearts, NMR / MRI body scanner.

Data Processing
Disc drives and actuators, Stepping motors, Printers.

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