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Magnetic Measuring Equipment – Tutorial

The Magnetoscan is designed to measure the magnetic field generated by permanent magnet devices that exhibit axial or radial multipolar magnetization, as is the case with rotors or stators. The measurement is taken by a 3 axis Hall probe. Rotor shaft size up to 100 mm and external diameter size up to 300 mm. The sample performs 2 complete revolution in about 6 seconds. Resolution accuracy of 0,0045°.

Magnetic Measuring Equipment – Tutorial

Helmholtz coils provide an easy and non-destructive way to control the quality of permanent magnets. The Helmholtz coils can be single-axis or 3-axes. The triple-axes version lets you see the direction of the magnetization with respect to the axes, regardless of how you place the magnet. The complete system which perform this measure consists of a 3-Axes Helmholtz coil and a cabinet containing three fluxmeters and a PC.


AMH-500 Hysteresisgraph is a DC automatic measuring system for characterization of hard magnetic materials. AMH-500 meets the International Standard IEC 60404-5 and ASTM A977. Measurements are performed either at room temperature or temperatures up to 220 °C with the optional temperature poles that meets International Standard IEC/TR 61807.

Company | Magnetizing Stations

To serve the Automotive Industry, currently the company is manufacturing a 4th generation of Magnetizing Stations, with a handling system and two levels of magnetic Quality Control. Over the years, our constant commitment to research and development has been enriched by our unique experience in the design, implementation, and application of magnetic solutions that are efficient. 

Magnetizing Stations

The Magnetizing Station is with 2-pole rotor with Sm2CO17 magnets and it is suitable for manual and automatic loading and unloading.

Magnetizing Stations

Amongst other applications, LE is focusing on the development of magnetizing and magnetic measuring solutions for e-mobility.

Magnetizing Stations

Magnetizing and magnetic measuring systems for Step Skewed rotors (ø 800 mm). The work station has a horizontal handling, rotative electric z axis, for long rotors and step skewed rotors.

Magnetizing Stations

Magnetizing and magnetic measuring systems for 8-pole V-shaped rotors with NdFeB magnets embedded. The work station has a guiding system for customer positioning tool.

Events | 60th anniversary

This year LE is celebrating its 60th anniversary. As part of the celebration, LE has sponsored the two-day event “Magnetic Materials and Applications” in collaboration with the UK Magnetics Society. Thanks to all participants!


Every day, the world’s leading companies and most highly respected research organizations turn to LE for magnetization fixtures, automation systems, and magnetics testing equipment. This is who we are.

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