LE’s independent magnetizing stations integrate seamlessly into a production line, with powerful options no one else has.

Since 1959, Laboratorio Elettrofisico has been providing magnetic solutions for standard and unconventional applications.
Since 2016 the Company started to manufacture Magnetizing Stations, to answer the customer demand.
To serve the Automotive Industry, currently the company is manufacturing a 4th generation of Magnetizing Stations, with a handling system and two levels of Magnetic Quality Control.
Over the years, our constant commitment to research and development has been enriched by our unique experience in the design, implementation, and application of magnetic solutions that are efficient and effective.

The result is a complete range of equipment and automation systems that are widely used around the world today.

Characteristics of magnetizing stations


Get fully automated validation and calibration all in one, and that’s just the start. Our entire product line can be flexibly configured into production stations with handling and controlling tools. Every component is built in, from the software, cooling system, and measuring equipment to the control sensor and handling system.


Independent semi-automated work stations and systems can be integrated in a production line in a multitude of ways. Starting from the basic magnetizers and magnetizing fixtures, LE has unmatched options and flexibility for creating a complete automation solution.



LE’s manual workstations are designed to deliver high quality and reliable operation. From simple to complex systems, each work station provides practical technology to get the job done, while meeting the highest standards and safety requirements for magnetic applications.


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We design customized magnetizing stations, mainly for post assembly or in-situ magnets, paying particular attention to ergonomics and to the interface with the client’s system, working to a high level of safety and testing every mechanical part of each control (assembly, electrical, GRR repeatability). The entire process is checked by a closed loop of the influential parameters. Our magnetizing station can be used as a single station or integrated into completely automatic lines. The machine communication provided through Profinet and the integration in MES systems is total.
Our custom made magnetic solutions have been employed all over the world in a wide array of applications, ranging from automotive industry to consumer electronics.


How we work


We build the magnetization fixture all around the customer’s products, in order to get the best magnetic performaces.

Feasability study & equipment design

Finite Element Analysis (FEA): E.M optimization + saturation achieved + structural FEA (=stress during magnetisation, extraction forces, mechanical tolerances) + Thermal FEA


Fixture production

Each fixture is custom engineered to meet the exacting demands of your application.

System validation

Mechanical verification, electric tests, magnetisation of prototype, magnetisation of final product, thermal + reliability tests.

Station manufacturing

Complete range of equipment and automation systems that are widely used around the world today.

Global technical service

We are nearby to all customers: we have offices and facilities in Europe, Asia and America, with in-house magnetics experts, engineers and support staff.

Our values


    ensuring performance level D for the operator


    using the most performing vision system


    ensuring the possibility to manage a wide range of products


    having a system suitable for Industry 4.0


    using the top brands components available on the markets

Why our customers choose LE

Our engineers build, develop and customize software and laboratory devices that can easily fully integrated into inline production machines.
We are the only Company in the market that is able to provide turn-key solutions with magnetization equipment embedded, handling systems and different level of quality control.


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