The fastest, most accurate measurements possible. 

Laboratorio Elettrofisico’s AMH-5800 Hard Metal Magnetometer offers unmatched speed and precision for measuring cemented carbides and semi-hard magnetic materials, plus measuring coils and additional options.

Hard Metal Magnetometer

Cemented carbides


AMH-5800 incorporates the latest technology for measuring the magnetic properties of cemented carbides and semi-hard magnetic materials.

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Measuring Coils

Cemented-carbides-AMH-5800One of the available accessories of AMH-5800
Other accessories: poles and reference samples

Cemented Carbides | Tungsten Carbides in Cobalt matrix | FeCrCo alloys | CoFeV | CoFeNi

Cemented carbide and semi-hard material applications

  • Inserts for metal cutting
  • Insert coatings of carbide tools
  • Inserts for mining tools
  • Rolls for hot-roll and cold-roll applications
  • Engineered components
  • Wear parts
  • Tools and tool blanks
  • Automotive components
  • Balls for ball bearings and ballpoint pens
  • Canning tools for deep drawing of two-piece cans
  • Rotary cutters for high-speed cutting of artificial fibres
  • Metal forming tools for wire drawing and stamping applications
  • Rings and bushings typically for bump and seal applications
  • Non-industrial use, e.g. bridal jewelry industry
  • Woodworking, e.g., for sawing and planing applications
  • Pump pistons for high-performance pumps (e.g., in nuclear installations)
  • Nozzles, e.g., high-performance nozzles for oil drilling applications
  • Roof and tail tools and components for high wear resistance

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