Hard Metal Magnetometer: get the fastest, repeatable and accurate measurements

AMH-5800 incorporates the latest technology for measuring the magnetic properties of cemented carbides (WC in Co matrix) and semi-hard magnetic materials. The AMH-5800 provides accurate magnetic parameters to evaluate other correlated properties; for example: hardness or the presence of undesired phases. This revolutionary measuring equipment utilizes a technique that provides the fastest, repeatable and accurate measurements available on the market today.
>> The AMH-5800 meets the ASTM B886 e B887 Standards.

Measuring capabilities
  • Coercivity Hcj
  • Magnetic moment Msat
  • Weight-specific saturation magnetization σsat
  • Magnetic polarization Jsat
  • Co or any other magnetic material in the alloy
Basic configuration
  • Main cabinet equipped with fluxmeter, gaussmeter, DC power supply and polarity control
  • Electromagnet
  • Hall probe
  • Inductive Sensor Assembly with sample holder
  • Digital scale
  • Latest PC processor class and LCD screen
Dedicated Software

Our proprietary Helium 1.0 software automatically manages measurements for the AMH-5800, including comparison of different curves and statistical analysis. The software ensures the measuring process is accurate and absolute and helps prevent the operator from improperly setting the sample’s parameters.

Materials measured
  • Semi-hard materials
  • Cemented carbides
  • Tungsten Carbide in Cobalt matrix
  • Iron Chrome Cobalt (FeCrCo) Alloys
  • Iron Cobalt Vanadium (CoFeV)
  • Cobalt Iron Nickel (CoFeNi)

Support is guaranteed via TeamViewer, Skype and through our software that allows sending technical assistance requests via email.

  • Measuring coils
  • Poles
  • Reference samples

Training is provided during the acceptance test at Laboratorio Elettrofisico before delivery. At your facility upon request.

AMH-5800 PDF

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