Quality control systems customized for you

Control the quality of permanent magnets or check the properties of materials, subassemblies and final products with a custom instrumentation solution built by our engineers.



Control the quality of magnetic devices without any initial adjustment or setting, including rotors, motors, and flywheels…

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Helmholtz Coil

LEE Helmholtz coil | laboratorio.elettrofisico.com

Quality control for permanent magnets: magnetic moment, residual induction (Br), and anisotropy axes used with a fluxmeter…

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Magnetic Scanner

Quality control system measuring the superficial magnetic induction on rotors or stators…


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Learn more about the many benefits of quality control systems.

On-the-spot inspections

Conduct testing to assess a magnet’s field strength, field uniformity and field shape at any point in the production process – from delivery of raw materials to final inspection of the finished product.

Identify the best-performing materials

With precise measurements, you make sure the highest performing materials are being used in any application.

Applications | www.laboratorio.elettrofisico.com

Lower purchasing costs 

High quality control standards help reduce costs and ensure the best performance of your application or material.

Eliminate rejects before they make it to final product

Ensure the success of your final product by validating the quality of third-party parts and eliminating problems before they can even happen.


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