Expert calibration and measuring service

Send us your calibration and measuring service request from anywhere in the world.

Laboratorio Elettrofisico maintains certified magnetic labs and technical services in Italy and the US (both Michigan and Northern California). These locations offer a wide variety of measurement and calibration services, just ask us if you have a question.

Contact us for periodic calibration (recommended every 12 months) of your instruments, measuring services or any other support question. Our team will respond to you promptly with a quote and timing.

Feel free to get in touch with any questions. We’ll be happy to help.

Calibration services

  • Fluxmeters
  • Gaussmeters
  • Transverse Hall probes
  • Axial Hall probes
  • ELF meters
  • Reference magnetic fields
  • Helmholtz coils
  • Solenoids
  • Field coils

Measuring services

Types of instruments used
    • AC and DC Hysteresis cycles
    • Magnetic moment (single axis, 3-axes)
    • Second quadrant at room temperature up to 220 °C
    • Saturation magnetic polarization (Jsat)
    • Relative permeability (μ)
    • 3D Mapping of superficial induction
Types of instruments used
      • Helmholtz coils, fluxmeter
      • AMH-5800
      • AMH-500 + optional heating poles
      • Pulse magnetizers
      • Magnetic Scanner
      • Coercimeter CR-0
      • AMH-200K-S
All kinds of materials measured
      • Hard magnetic materials
      • Soft magnetic materials
      • Hard metals and cemented carbides
      • Feebly magnetic materials

Please ask us about any material or test you may not see here. We conduct an extensive range of highly specialized measuring and magnetic testing services, according to reference standards that include: IEC 60404-14, IEC 60404-5 / ASTM A977, IEC/TR 61807, IEC 60404-5 / IEC/TR 62517, 60404-14 / IEC/TR 62517.


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