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LE’s magnetizers, magnetizing fixtures, and automation systems are trusted by the world’s leading companies in industries ranging from aerospace and consumer electronics to medical equipment and renewable energy.


LEE Magnetization |

Each application requires its own magnetizing
equipment and all magnetizing equipment has its own power source. Design of magnetizing fixtures is based on matching the magnetizing fixture and magnet to provide the best energy transfer. Each design is custom tailored to get the best results for its unique application.
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LEE Magnetizers|

Magnetizers provide the right amount of energy to produce the desired current into the magnetizing fixture. The fundamental operation of a magnetizer is to charge and store energy until the magnetizing process starts. When it does, the power circuit is closed on the coil and the energy is then discharged in the coil.
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The term magnetization is often used synonymously with the term magnetic saturation. When a product needs a specific magnetization level, or a field range less than saturation, then magnetic calibration is required. Applications: Single magnet or magnet assembly, electrical relays, ferrite single magnet.
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LEE Automation |

Our integrated automation systems are unlike anything else on the market. LE magnetizing equipment is uniquely designed to seamlessly integrate with handling solutions for anything from small series production up to industrial mass production line.
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