Get better magnetization on magnet edges with the SAT Multipolar magnetizing fixture

Designed by Laboratorio Elettrofisico’s R&D Team, the SAT Multipolar magnetizing fixture has one single magnetization solid bar for each slot in place of a multiwire slot. The result: better magnetization of the magnet edges.

The SAT Multipolar is composed of two linked circuits, a primary and a secondary. The primary circuit is composed of a few turns of enameled wires; the secondary circuit is a single solid copper conductor. On the primary, low current is connected to the high voltage side of the capacitor discharging unit. On the secondary, the same power is adapted to a low voltage and an extremely high current. As a result, this fixture requires a reduced amount of insulating material and concentrates higher current density very close to the magnet edges. Both circuits add a magnetization field during the pulse. The fixture is encased in an IP30 box.

  • Complicated step skewed geometries
  • High performances low torque ripple PMSM
  • Very small inductors and sensors
Key benefits
  • High saturation level on magnet edges
  • Low insulation required
SAT Multipolar


Q. How does SAT technology improve magnetization strength, field pattern, shape, and uniformity compared to conventional methods?

A. SAT technology is composed of two different circuits (primary and secondary). The primary circuit works at high voltage and low current, and the secondary circuit works at high current and low voltage. In this way, the secondary conductors can be placed very close to the magnets — since they carry a high current, the magnetization is more efficient.