Interior Radial Multipolar

The interior radial multipolar fixture has an iron-laminated core with slots in equal number to the poles to be magnetized. Series or parallel conductors are placed inside these slots. The iron-laminated core has a height slightly greater than that of the magnet to be magnetized. It maintains a typical gap from 0.4 to 1mm on the radius, which depends on the diameter of the magnet. The fixture is embedded in epoxy resin and encased in an IP30 box.

Key benefits
  • Change the cross-section and number of conductors from project to project
  • Minimal space needed for winding heads with our winding technology
  • The slots can be built with any type of skewing: step skewed, continuous skewed, zigzag

This fixture is suitable for the magnetization of stators or multipolar flywheels.

Magnetizing fixtures for Low cogging motors - Low torque ripple motors - Power steering motors - Water pumps