Multipolar Magnetization Fixture:
achieve single and total pitch errors lower than 0.03°

The NT Multipolar is a patent-pending fixture for axial multipolar magnetization, which keeps pitch errors negligible, even with double traces on the same sensor disk. Laboratorio Elettrofisico has designed this fixture to achieve single and total pitch errors lower than 0.03° using very high precision CNC-machined windings and an innovative engineering process. The NT Multipolar fixture is embedded in epoxy resin and encased in an IP30 box.

Key benefits
  • Single and total pitch errors lower than 0.03°
  • Precision machining of solid copper windings allows adjustable relative orientation for different traces on the same disc
  • Linear geometries are also available with either straight or any type of skewed interpolar dead zone
  • High pole patterns axially or radially, even obliquely oriented
  • Single trace sensor disks
  • Double trace sensor disks
  • Regularly spaced sensor disks
  • Irregularly spaced sensor disks
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