SAT Multipolar Magnetizing Fixture

A SAT multipolar model fixture is new generation of fixture, specifically designed by Laboratorio Elettrofisico Engineering's R&D Team, where there is one single magnetization solid bar for each [...]

Bitter and Wound

2-POLE AXIAL magnetization: the Bitter axial solenoid coil is composed of copper sheets, which are cut with a pattern which forces the electric current to run along the inner edge, around the [...]

Axial multipolar magnetization

2-POLE AXIAL magnetization: WOUND axial solenoid. Most of the time the core is wound by means of round enameled wires, but other shapes are possible such as tape, rectangular copper wire, flat [...]

MicroMag™ Magnetizer

MICROMAG is a low energy magnetizer, designed for small coils and fast current pulses. The internal capacitors can be adjusted to give a total energy of up to 1400 J – 2500 V. It can be set to [...]

i Mag™ MicroCal Magnetizer

MICROCAL Magnetizer and Demagnetizer is equipped with a main touchscreen HMI panel which allows the user to set up all the necessary parameters and follow the statu. His features include treating [...]

Custom Measuring Coils

The Custom Measuring Coil for electrical motors measures the total magnetic flux. The coil is tailored on the specific application. Its design concept is the result of our expertise and long [...]