Making the feasible possible: Laboratorio Elettrofisico’s commitment the electromagnetics industry

The field of electromagnetics is expanding constantly. New players are entering the market. Meanwhile, many incumbents are exploring new horizons for their products, and yet others are looking to diversify.

Working out whether, and how, a project can be realized successfully involves considerable highly specialized preliminary work, i.e., a feasibility study.

For example, pre-magnetized rare-earth magnets can hamper the assembly process. In-situ magnetization (ISM), also called post-assembly magnetization, is proving a useful solution to this problem.

The main challenge is that the electromagnetic parameters of materials to be magnetized, as indicated by suppliers, may not be consistent. Part of the feasibility study will, therefore, be to see if the performance required by a particular project can be achieved and, if so, how.

Conducted by expert staff, whose in-depth theoretical understanding of the field is complemented by real-life experience acquired over many years, Laboratorio Elettrofisico’s feasibility studies harness state-of-the-art computational expertise (Finite Element Analysis, or FEA) to simulate how the product will react to the physical world.

With an unrelenting commitment in making the feasible possible, Laboratorio Elettrofisico is a world-leading designer and manufacturer of magnetizing and magnetic measuring equipment with a special emphasis on custom-designing magnetizing fixtures to achieve the closest possible match to their clients’ specifications.

Headquartered in Milan, Italy — as well as having laboratories, testing facilities, and service centers in the United States, India, and China — Laboratorio Elettrofisico has been servicing the specialist electromagnetic requirements of, among others, the automotive, medical, electronics, defense, aerospace, renewable energy, and manufacturing industries since 1959.

Laboratorio Elettrofisico welcomes enquiries from long-established operators, or from relative newcomers, looking to maximize the potential offered by magnets, magnetics, and magnetization in their specific industry sector.

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