Quality control for magnetics

Quality control for magnetics: Laboratorio Elettrofisico has the answer

While Quality Control (QC) is essential to any manufacturing process, QC of magnets and magnetizing procedures — especially in high-precision, long-life areas such as automotive and aviation — is of paramount importance.

Magnetic Quality Control starts with assessing the raw material: the magnet’s intrinsic characteristics, such as residual induction, coercivity, permeability, and losses, at bothambient and operative temperature. Identifying the best-performing materials means that only these are used in the application of choice. Then, samples are pulled at various stages along the manufacturing line, to check that magnetic values are being maintained, with potential production problems being spotted as soon as possible, saving time and money for all. Finally, the finished products are inspected to guarantee that they are consistent with the client’s specifications.

A specialist manufacturer of both magnetizers and magnetics measuring equipment — one of very few in the world — Laboratorio Elettrofisico has second-to-none experience of the needs for, and the challenges underpinning, quality and production control of magnets and magnetizing procedures.

This, along with the company’s emphasis on custom-designing for each specific client, makes Laboratorio Elettrofisico the ideal partner when it comes to ensuring that magnetics engineers, production engineers, process engineers, and QC managers get what they need.

Compliant with all major international standards, including IEC International Standard 60404, Laboratorio Elettrofisico’s specialist Quality Control products include precision Fluxmeters, used in combination with single- or triple-axis Helmholtz Coils, DC and AC hysteresisgraphs for both hard and soft magnetic materials, as well as the recently introduced Triaxial Magnetic Scanners.

In addition to the comprehensive information available on the Laboratorio Elettrofisico site , our specialist engineers are on hand to provide further details.

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