We will attend Coiltech Deutschland 2022, Ulm, 6/7 April 2022.
Hall 1, stand number E12.

Thursday, April 07 2022, 10.30, Hall 1: at the World Magnetic Conference our eng. Federico Russo will present the speech “Exploiting shielding effects: enhanced magnetization and greater safety”.

Magnetic shielding is the reduction of the magnetic field by means of a material, namely a shield. Different mechanisms are responsible for the rise of this effect, as the field can be reflected or driven through the shield, according to the frequency of the magnetic field itself. The “skin depth” of the field through the shield is the key parameter controlling the phenomenon. It depends on the frequency of the magnetic field, the resistivity, and the magnetic permeability of the material of the shield. A conscious choice of these properties allows us to exploit the effect in many applications. This work analyzed the use of the effect to enhance the magnetization process, for example of loudspeakers and DC motor housings, in which the permanent magnets are behind bodies that shield the magnetizing field – thus, strategies are needed to let the magnetizing field penetrate such shields. The magnetic field shielding is also used to design products with superior safety for the operator and near electronic equipments.

The smartest exhibition in the Coil & Winding sector also arrives in Germany. Dedicated to materials and machinery for the production of electric motors, generators, transformers and windings in general.

Come and talk personally to one of our experts about your Magnetizing & Magnetic Measurements equipment and Magnetizing Station tasks while seeing most of our reliable solutions.
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