May 21-23, Laboratorio Elettrofisico attends CWIEME Berlin 2019, the world’s largest event dedicated to coil winding, electric motors, transformers and generators. Venue: Berlin Messe.

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SAVE THE DATE: 22 May 2019 h 9.30 – 10.10 AM
(Breakfast Briefing)
Noemi Novello (Magnetic Design Manager, Laboratorio Elettrofisico) speaks @CWIEME Central, Hall 2.1
Title: “Effect of Eddy Currents during the Permanent Magnets Magnetization Process

The speaker will analyse the effect of Eddy currents during the magnetization process of a permanent magnet, as well as applications related to the magnetization process.

Take away for the attendees:

  • Eddy currents do not always work against the magnetization process.
  • Considering typical frequencies reached during the magnetization process, eddy currents are usually not strong enough to prevent saturation in single magnets, even if they are not laminated.
  • Even PM squirrel cage rotors can be saturated by means of an appropriate magnetizing inductor thanks to the fact that eddy currents and magnetizing filed peak time can be opportunely shifted.

Related topics:
Eddy currents
PM magnetization
First magnetization curve
Electric machines
FE magnetic simulations

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