Smart workbench for permanent magnet (PM) quality control

Smart workbench for permanent magnet (PM) quality control

The workbench is composed of a Helmholtz coil and a fluxmeter (model Digital Flux) in a very compact package and is easily transportable. It provides automatic measurement of the magnetic moment of permanent magnets. The purpose of this workbench is to deliver 100% quality control of a production line where magnets travel on a conveyor belt.

How it works

As the fluxmeter is reset, the magnets are moving starting from the left hand side of the belt. The conveyor belt brings the magnets through the coil while the fluxmeter continuously reads the flux variation. The peak flux corresponding to the magnetic moment is obtained when the magnet reaches the central part of the coil, and corresponds to the maximum reading. For that reason the fluxmeter must be set in peak reading mode.
Full measurement automation is available with automatic loading and unloading of trays and automatic feeder.

Standard configuration

– Automatic magnet feeder
– Automatic magnet collector
– Conveyor belt passing through a Helmholtz coil
– Electrical cabinet with Touch Screen interface/controller and Digital Fluxmeter

All signals and actuators are connected to the electrical cabinet via a 5” touch screen controlling motion and data collection. The power supply required is 220 Vac 50/60 Hz 1000 VA.

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