Electric Motor Engineering Magazine
Technically speaking
by Magnetic Design Team
Stefano Tizianel, Noemi Novello, Matteo Pistaffa, Federico Russo, Govind Bisht


The Permanent Magnet (PM) motor is a critical part in many electric car powertrain designs, which is undergoing rigorous improvement and changes. PM motors offer compact design and higher system efficiency among other advantages.
Electric motor Engineering magazine asked Laboratorio Elettrofisico, a global company that specializes in design and manufacturing of high-quality magnetizing and measurement equipment, to illustrate how to deal with this important process.
In recent years, Laboratorio Elettrofisico (LE) has made great strides in the research, development and implementation of in-situ magnetization for PM rotors in powertrain applications.

Original published on Electric Motor Engineering Magazine, December, 2019 – Read the magazine: link

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