Helmholtz Coils | Single Axis & 3-Axes

Helmholtz coils provide an easy and non-destructive way to control the quality of permanent magnets. The Helmholtz coils can be single-axis or 3-axes. The 3-axes lets you see the direction of the [...]

MicroMag™ Magnetizer

MICROMAG is a low energy magnetizer, designed for small coils and fast current pulses. The internal capacitors can be adjusted to give a total energy of up to 1400 J – 2500 V. It can be set to [...]

i Mag™ MicroCal Magnetizer

MICROCAL Magnetizer and Demagnetizer is equipped with a main touchscreen HMI panel which allows the user to set up all the necessary parameters and follow the statu. His features include treating [...]