Precision measurement of feebly magnetic materials

We have designed a new solenoid for feebly austenitic steels, more performable than the previous. The main feature of this new white-colored solenoid is the interchangeability of the measuring coils, suitable to the sensibility of the different diameters, from 5 mm to 25 mm. This solenoid can measure relative permeability ranging from 1,001 to 4. Furthermore, the uniformity area has been increased up to 200 mm and the field has also been increased by 10%.

The Permeameter for feebly magnetic materials (model PFMM) verifies that a non-magnetic material, such as austenitic stainless steel, is actually non-magnetic. The permeameter quantifies the magnetic weakness of the material by measuring its magnetization curve, relative permeability and susceptibility.

When a non-magnetic material is used in an application where interaction with magnetic fields must be very low, the control of its magnetization and permeability is fundamental.

NEW Permeameter for Feebly Magnetic Materials PDF

Common application examples:

  • Turbo generators
  • NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance) instrumentation
  • Ionic devices
  • Electron beam devices
  • Precision weights


  • Heavy duty cabinet containing the DC power supply and fluxmeter
  • Solenoid with positioning tool for samples
  • Compensated measuring coil
  • PC with dedicated software + printer
  • Unrivaled ease of use, our proprietary software provides seamless management of the measuring system.

Measurements are taken in compliance with ASTM 342 and IEC 60404-15 standards.

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