Halbach Magnetization

The HA radial multipolar fixture has a non-magnetic core and the fixture has the same number of slots as the poles number to be magnetized. Series or parallel conductors are displayed inside these slots. Everything is embedded in the epoxy resin and encased in an IP30 box.

With this radial multipolar fixture, radial orientation can be achieved in a number of configurations that includes Halbach plus diametric and pure radial.

  • Halbach magnetization
  • Negligible THD
  • Small pole pitch
  • Sensor disks
Key benefits
  • Low peak time
  • Halbach magnetization
  • High voltage
LE’s versatile Multipolar Fixtures

Our multipolar fixtures consist of a magnetic or non magnetic core, wound by means of enameled wires or machined solid copper or even pipes. They can be either planar or radial. They can be single or multiple traces. Radial orientation can be made in more than one configuration, such as diametric, Halbach, pure radial, can be external for inner drivers or internal for outer drivers. Spatial angular or axial pole displacement can be regular or not. Skewed inductors either step skewed of continuous skewed are available.

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