Laboratorio Elettrofisico @World Magnetic Conference, Electric Motor Talks

The Electric Motor Talks are a joint initiative of University of L’Aquila and Coiltech to promote the exchange of expertise between specialists in Coil Winding and related fields.

The Laboratorio Elettrofisico Magnetic Design Team will partecipate with a speech “PM rotors in-situ magnetization for Powertrain motors”.


PM Brushless motors are the first choice for electric and hybrid vehicles. One part of the motor is the inductor, which provides the magnetic field by means of series of permanent magnets. Until a couple of years ago, motor producers used to magnetize the magnets before their insertion in the rotor. Heavy industrial duty cycle, troubles in handling pre-magnetized magnets, and the effect of hot glue on pre-magnetized magnets quality all made it necessary to magnetize the entire rotors after assembly. It is known as in-situ magnetization. It comprises the magnetization, quality control, and handling automation. Here, the most recent development on EV PM rotors magnetization is described, with focus on design, development, MP equipment, and related automation systems production.

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