April 28th 2021

Virtual seminar organized by UK Magnetics Society Event
A one-day event on the magnetisation of magnets in isolation and in assemblies such as motors, and the associated measurement of magnetic fields.

“The Role of Steel Cores in the Magnetisation Field Requirement for In-Situ Magnetisation of Permanent Magnets (by Eng. Govind Bisht) – 14.45 (GMT)
IEC technical report (IEC TR 62517) explains how magnetization process is closely related to the coercivity mechanisms, specifically in the case of nucleation type RE-Fe-B, sintered ferrites and SmCo5 magnets.  Open circuit magnetization of magnets can be vastly different from in-situ magnetization of magnets in a rotor assembly because of the presence of steel in rotor and magnetizer fixture, as the stray fields effect in the two cases can be quite different. The focus of this presentation is to show how magnetization requirement for saturating certain permanent magnets in-situ is different from the open circuit and what are the factors that affect the magnetization process.
Programme available on UK Magnetics Society website
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